Alison is a free web education platform which mainly focuses on workplace-based skills development. It was launched by Irish social entrepreneur Mike Feerick in Galway, Ireland on 21 April 2020 as a global business and learning portal. As of now it offers classes for English teachers, learners and professionals. There is an online interactive learning center, which enables learners to interact with other learners from around the world. Alison has many modules under the Learning Centre category such as:


For professionals, there are many free courses offered by Alison in the form of study guides, practice tests and quizzes. These help you improve your English, grammar and punctuation skills. Alison also offers private lesson support for its learners and teachers. There is also an interactive chat room where teachers and students can interact and share ideas about their lessons with each other.

A great attraction for most people joining Alison is the opportunity to study each module individually. The modules offered are divided into three categories -business, personal life and games. The business module helps you in understanding the financial aspect of running a successful business. The personal life module trains learners on how to manage your work life and the various personal aspects such as making friends and managing families. The games category helps you enhance your analytical and communication skills using a game-like format.

One can enjoy the benefits of the free learning management system through the Alison website. You can access the site at any time of the day or night. Alison offers a personal service through an interactive forum which makes it easy for new learners to interact with the tutors. Teachers can post questions on the forum and ask for answers from experienced professionals on the forum. The forum also provides valuable information about the English language including how to construct sentences, topics and paragraphs, sample conversations and poems and quotes by Shakespeare.

With a personal tutor provided by the school, learners can be assisted in every step of the process of studying the English language such as choosing a suitable course, selecting an appropriate textbook, registering for classes and completing the course successfully. By providing their students with this personal and one-on-one support, teachers can ensure that all of their students achieve success in the English language. The high quality education provided by Alison University ensures that all of their students complete their courses successfully, enabling them to compete in their exams and obtain university degrees in English.

Alison University offers many different types of educational material to its students. These include both general and specialized courses for adult learners, such as business English, caretaking English and home care English. There are also several Certificate programs offered to enhance your skills in the English language. There are various certificates that can be obtained in a number of subjects such as Careers, Business, Computers and Technology and Health Care English. These certificate courses are available for adult learners who may be travelling abroad, studying part-time or on an unstable contract at the time. Students can also complete a range of specialist courses such as nursery teaching English, Careers in Heathrow and London, Employment Law in England and Legal Practitioners in London.

As part of the school’s free learning programme, students can also choose to complete some Alison University Certification courses. Certificate courses in the area of childcare management, English as a Second Language (ESL) and employment law all offer valuable skills training business model training to the student. Students will be able to participate in the Certificate program in Careers in Heathrow or any of the associated Careers in London courses; alternatively they can complete any of the associated Alison University Certification courses.

A large proportion of the students enrolled in the Alison University’s online learning platform attended their university or college at least part time. This was evident by the many students completing a diploma or degree at their college and then going on to pursue a career in computer programming, HR or management. It follows that these students have time available from their day job or other occupation to put energy into their studies. Many students in the free tuition courses at Alison University are full time students. This shows that part-time students have the dedication to learning which is essential to develop their learning skills and compete in the competitive environment of tertiary education. The commitment and hard work put into studying at Alison University is clear from the result of its online learners who are achieving top grades and careers in the fields of health, management, law and education.

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