edX is an American huge open web course provider made by Harvard and MIT. It hosts various online degree courses in diverse disciplines to an international student body, which includes some highly paid-for classes at no cost. It also runs extensive research into learning style according to how humans use it. In 2020 it was rated as the top 100 online Universities in the world. Millions of students from around the world have taken the training offered by edX.

edX started offering online courses in the year 1996, when it was started by two young professors who were trying to find out what the future would hold. They launched edX with the intention to help people improve their knowledge levels in many fields. After the first few years, it has become so popular that thousands and millions of people take the training available through the site. Some of the fields where people enrol are arts, business, health care, humanities, social work, education, statistics, etc. edX offers high quality courses from renowned universities, so that professional certificates and diplomas can be earned easily. One can even enroll in these courses, if they are not from an educational institution, so that they can still get a qualification.

edX offers various types of courses and these are divided into several sections. The most popular of these sections is the foundation course, which is meant to provide an overview of the basics and a platform to build further qualifications. There are many other courses available too, but they are meant for those who are already doing something useful with their qualifications and who wish to progress further. A few examples of these courses are project management, healthcare, information technology and many others. With edX certification one can also get recognition in their profession, so that they can advance in their careers. People can even enroll in edX training for free and get certified after finishing the course successfully.

Since edX courses are offered online, it is possible for anyone to sign up and start learning. In this manner, more number of people can reach the platform and participate in the learning. Besides, there is no need to pay any formalities or fees as these are free of charge, as there are no formalities involved. edX certificates are issued once a person successfully completes a particular course.

There are a lot of benefits associated with edX courses. They not only offer certification, but they also open several career options. A person who is having some sort of non-academic qualification can enroll in the edX platform and enhance his or her professional certificates and diplomas instantly. These courses help a person improve his or her resume and prove their knowledge and skill in their desired fields of work. Since edX courses are offered online, a large number of people can reach the platform at one time, so that they can participate in the course without difficulty.

The edX platforms have many benefits compared to other traditional universities. First of all, the users are provided with interactive and innovative tools, which help them in their learning process. Secondly, a huge database of over nine million learners from all over the world make the platform a global leader in the field of distance education. The users can participate and learn from a large variety of subjects and experts in their specified fields of interest.

With the help of edX, a person can access information and knowledge from anywhere in the world at any given time. The knowledge thus imparted is unique and not available any place else. Moreover, the edX courses are comparatively cheaper than the other distance education platforms, as the users have to pay only for those courses, which they want to participate in. This makes the platform an affordable choice for those who are on a limited budget. However, the most important benefit of this platform is that it is completely open to everyone, no matter how good the qualification is. Therefore, even a person who has achieved mediocre results in his earlier studies can also earn a degree through this platform.

Apart from the edX, there are several other established and famous universities like Courses, Concordance, iPage, and Radford University that are offering similar online courses. There are various websites that offer comprehensive information on edX and other distance education platforms. Therefore, it is advisable to choose one from the list of top universities that offers edX certification.

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